Code of Conduct 

As part of the school objectives to uphold high standards of discipline and moral values, the pupils of the school and the teachers would be guided by the following code conduct namely; 

To The Pupils ................... 

  • All the children attending the school should endeavour to attend the school official programmes involving drama and theatrical arts, songs, recreation and games. 
  • The pupils are required to be punctual at school at all times 
  • The pupils are required to obey the rules and regulations of the school 
  • No pupil should appear in their appropriate school uniforms during the school periods. 
  • No pupil is allowed to damage the school properties. 
  • There should be no fighting or the use of foul language in and outside the school premises. 
  • All pupils are required to conform to the schools standard of hygiene and environmental sanitation. 
  • All pupils are to respect the teachers and their parents in and outside the school premises. 
  • All the pupils are required to listen to lessons attentively in their classes, carry out their class and school assignments and study their books in the outside the school. 

To The Teachers.................................  

  • All the teachers are required to adhere to the school code of conduct as entrenched in their employment contract. 
  • All teachers are required to conform to the official dress code of the school 
  • All teachers are required to show love and affection to all children 
  • No teacher is allowed to inflict any corporal punishment or use any foul language on any child in the school. 
  • All teachers should uphold the high standard of teaching in their performances.
  • Laziness and idleness would not be condoned in the classes. 
  • Lateness by teachers would not be tolerated by the school authorities.

 In order to ensure that the best possible education is provided by the school, the following Curriculum and syllabus have been devised to optimise the school's performance in every area. In order to implement both, the School Education Plan has been agreed by the Governing Body.

The School Education Plan 

The school education/programme plan would be structured and patterned along the set standard of the Ministry of Education, and to meet local and international standards. 

The plan has the goal and objectives of teaching and developing the mental abilities of the pupils, to enable them compete favourably with their equals, with some effectiveness.  And that would include the study and application of computer/information technology in the school curriculum and syllabus, to enhance the technical skills and abilities to the pupils from the earliest age until their final year.

School Curriculum & Syllabus 

A new school curriculum has been developed covering the syllabus of the Nursery, Primary and other school activities. 

Point to Note: The Day Care pupils would be given gradual language, social interaction and conversion lessons.  It would include colouring, singing and folk tales, until they can recognize numbers and letters correctly. 

Proposed Subjects to be Offered: (Nursery Classes (1,2 & 3) 

A total of eleven subjects would be offered in Nursery 1,2 7 3 classes.  The subjects would include; Basic Mathematics. 

Proposed Subject to be Offered in the Primary (Classes 1,2 & 3) 

Eleven subjects would also be offered, they include; Mathematics, English, Social and Environmental Studies, Integrated Science, French,  Elementary Science, Computer studies. Arts & Craft, Physical Education (P.E) Religious Knowledge and Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning In both the Nursery and primary arms of the school, emphasis would be laid on Basic Mathematics, English/Phonics, Physical Education (P.E) Social and Environmental, to enhance their mental and physical  development and growth. 

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